Learning to Read Better Through Asking the Right Questions

Welcome to Kristapbaltin.com

This website is here to both help you comprehend and enjoy literature with more pleasure and enthusiasm, as well as to participate and debate about the themes and meanings of the texts. It will be my object to show you how to read and how to ask the right questions in order to understand the text better. Similarly, through this process I hope to learn more about the texts through your input and questions. The site will be interactive, and as I will be constantly asking questions as I go through each text chapter by chapter, I encourage you to try to answer those questions and to pose questions of your own.

It’s incredible how many different ways you can see a text through balanced community participation. I want the visitors of this website to look at it as an online book club, where we collectively parse through and investigate the texts like detectives seeking answers to questions we would all like to understand better. To your right, you will see categories of literary works. Click on the work of literature you would like to explore further and let the fun begin!


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