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Hey everyone, my name is Kris and I am a cultural enthusiast. Among my many passions are literature, philosophy, history and self-development.

Over the past several years, one of my biggest interests has been literacy and the teaching of reading. During my post-graduate college career, I have studied English literature and the teaching of reading and composition. Though I seriously contemplated a teaching career for a long time, during my tenure as a teacher’s assistant and a tutor I discovered that the field was not for me. While I have always been passionate about helping others and serving humanity, growth and evolution, I saw that a teaching career would limit me in truly fulfilling my purpose. It is certainly rewarding to reach a select number of students and witness their progress, however the singleness of what would be my career (writing and reading instruction) does not achieve my goal of providing a better, well-rounded education.

Besides that, my entry-level teaching experience mostly consisted of teaching students how to be good students, (meaning: how to access the proper resources, how to study, how to take responsibility) and while those things are valuable and important, it is much more interesting for me to delve into deeper depths of the human condition. The questions that have always fascinated me have been:

What is the meaning of life?

How to find your life’s purpose?

What is the ideal way to live?

How do I achieve success and happiness?

How do we define success?

What is the importance art and culture in our lives?

This website is dedicated for smart people who wish to improve themselves and have a gnawing voice within that tells them that there is something more besides what they already have. This website is for those who have a desire to explore the outer layers of their imagination and what they perceive to be their limitations. This website also allows me to reach a wide range of people who truly wish to grow and become better, self-actualized people.

The content of this website ranges from cultural, literary and art-related topics to philosophy, growth and self-development instruction.

This website is meant to be interactive, so if you read something you like or dislike please feel free to leave a comment stating your view and position. I believe that clarity and self-awareness are the most important possessions a person may have. If you have something to say that you believe will help others or if you simply to wish to engage in a conversation to help you understand something you may need help with, please share with all of us.

I am also open to correspondence, so feel free to write me a note. You can reach me at kris@kristapbaltin.com

Thanks for dropping by, and enjoy the content!



5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Heather

    Hi Kris,

    I am loving your niche!
    Great posts and your site is coming along.
    I suggest a bigger pic of you so we can see you! 🙂
    Going to look for Arnold Bennett’s book. I know I will enjoy it.
    Warmly, Heather

  2. Johann

    Kris, Great site. Your articles are great.

    You will enjoy placing images among the text to break it up.

    I look forward to future interesting writing from you.
    Joy, Confidence and Freedom Johann. w


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